Lufthansa Change Flight Rules

Lufthansa Airlines provides the travelers with the adaptability to make change in flight once after the flight booking has been done. The carrier understands the traveler’s sudden plan changes, so they have come out with this alternative. Indeed, the travelers would now be tension free as they can make changes in their travel plan comfortably with Lufthansa Airlines. But before making any flight changes, travelers must have knowledge of the Lufthansa change flight policy as it highlights all the necessary rules and regulations to be followed.

Can I change my Lufthansa flight?

Yes you can change your Lufthansa flight in accordance to the Lufthansa change flight policy. Generally, you are provided with two choices for getting the changes and alterations done in your Lufthansa Airlines flight booking. The principal choice is through the online mode which requires you to raise a flight change request on the Lufthansa Airlines official site or mobile application. The subsequent choice refers to the offline method of making flight change requests with Lufthansa Airlines.

How to change a flight on Lufthansa?

As already mentioned, Lufthansa Airlines gives its travelers two alternatives for getting the flights changed with them. Peruse beneath to find the detailed answer for “how to change a flight on Lufthansa?”. Both the online as well as the offline techniques have been portrayed underneath with all the means for making flight changes as per the Lufthansa change flight policy. Travelers can pick any method (online or offline) to move ahead with their flight change requirements relying upon their comfort and inclination. Find underneath the complete insights about the Lufthansa flight change policy.

Lufthansa change flight online:

This option is the most convenient and easy for getting the flights and booking changed with Lufthansa Airlines. Travelers can make corrections and change their flight on the web without visiting the Lufthansa Airlines booking centre, only a couple of clicks are required to change the flight successfully. A traveler can manage his/her flight reservations just as making new bookings 

through the official website or mobile application of Lufthansa Airlines

  • Firstly, you need to go to the Lufthansa Airlines official site ( and locate the three lined symbol set alongside the “Menu” choice. 
  • Now find and snap on the “book and manage” choice. 
  • Then make a click on the button of “view and change flight details”. 
  • Subsequent to tapping on the “view and change flight details” button, sign in to your Lufthansa Airlines account by using your login certifications, booking confirmation code or Miles. 
  • For moving ahead with the choice of booking confirmation code, you are needed to input the last name of the traveler as per the originally made booking and from that point forward, make a click on the “submit” button. 
  • For moving ahead with the choice of login through certifications, input the email id registered with Lufthansa Airlines and the password and then snap on the “Login” button. 
  • After you have successfully signed in to your account by inputting the email id and the password, make all the necessary progressions and corrections in your flight booking with Lufthansa Airlines. 
  • Make a selection for your new flight to be booked and make payment for the incurred charges and the difference in the fare of first and second flight (if any). 
  • At long last, check your mailbox or mobile phone for the confirmation email or SMS having the details of your new flight booking.

Lufthansa change flight offline:

Travelers can generally pick the most traditional customary method of booking trips with the Lufthansa airlines, Lufthansa Airlines has always given the option of offline flight reservations via its booking kiosk/centre situated at the closest air terminal. A traveler can likewise make bookings by making a call on the Lufthansa flight change phone number. The committed staff individuals and executives of the Lufthansa Airlines will guide you on the call as well as at the air terminal in the process of flight change or to resolve some other flight reservations related inquiry that you may be having. The offline process for flight change might be more helpful and ideal for certain travelers. 

Lufthansa Same Day Flight Change

Travelers can appreciate and take profit by the Lufthansa same day flight change administration, they can get the amendments and alterations done in their flight booking on the date of the originally made booking and these progressions ought to be made prior to one hour from the initially booked flight. A traveler who is smart will consistently utilize this same day flight change administration of Lufthansa carriers on the off chance that he/she wants to roll out any improvements in the flight booking. 

  • The newly picked flight by the traveler must be of a similar course and between similar air terminals according to the originally made flight booking.
  • When a traveler finishes the process of check-in via any of the accessible modes(online or offline), he/she can’t change to a flight that is scheduled earlier than the originally booked flight. 
  • The Lufthansa carrier’s same day flight change administration isn’t accessible for any of the long stretch/course flights and each traveler needs to make payment of the pertinent change fee and the distinction sum in the new and old flight’s fare(if any) as indicated by the guidelines of the Lufthansa change flight policy.

Lufthansa Flight Change Fee

The entirety of the reserved flights with Lufthansa carriers can be changed if the terms and conditions of the traveler’s bought fare/ticket permits. With Lufthansa, travelers can make flight switches as long as one hour before the takeoff of the originally booked flight. 

Lufthansa carrier permits the course change in some cases, contingent upon terms and conditions of the purchased fare/ticket type. Be that as it may, when you make changes in the flight course, there might be a distinction in the total fare of the new and old flight bookings. This distinction sum and the incurred Lufthansa flight change fee(if any) is included with the new flight ticket cost. The Lufthansa flight change fee and charges totally rely upon the bought ticket/fare type.

Underneath referenced are the Lufthansa flight change fee as per the various changes and conditions.

Destination change fee:

Not permitted.

Lufthansa changing flight date fee :

  • €150/220 CHF for switching to a same day award fare type.
  • €50 EUR/70 CHF/$60 USD

Cancellation/Miles Refund/Redeposit fee:

€50 EUR/70 CHF/$60 USD

Close-in booking fee: 



“The change fee may vary or can be waived off for some award tickets”

Passengers are not allowed to make cancellations or rebooking for the discounted award tickets.

Lufthansa Airlines Name Change Policy

The guidelines as per the Lufthansa Airlines name change policy are as follows:

  • The name change service in the booking is permitted to the traveler because of the changes in name after marriage. 
  • The travelers can enter the new name under the edit booking section.
  • The name change is permitted in the event if the traveler has made a typing error or a mistake in the first or last name.
  • If a traveler is keen on making redresses to the nicknames, it isn’t permitted with Lufthansa.
  • The name can’t be turned around like if the traveler needs to place the first name in the place of last name and vice versa, at that point it isn’t permitted.

Can you change a name on a Lufthansa flight?

Yes you can change a name on a Lufthansa flight without any hassle by following the underneath referenced steps in sequence:

  • At first the travelers need to visit the official website of Lufthansa carriers through any web browser program on their device.
  • On the landing page of Lufthansa Airlines, travelers must go to the section of manage booking under the main menu to continue further with the Lufthansa Airlines name change process.
  • To access the booking, a traveler must enter the booking confirmation number and the last name in the provided field as per the originally made bookings.
  • By making a click on the option of find bookings and with right subtleties, the booking will be shown on the screen so that the travelers can move ahead with rolling out the changes in the name.
  • On the following page, the traveler will come to see all the booking subtleties along with the choice to make edits.
  • Now the travelers can make changes in the name as per the guidelines of the Lufthansa name change policy.
  • Afterwards, travelers need to follow all the on screen instructions properly to successfully change the name on booking.
  • After the name change process is completed, the changes will start reflecting in the booking details.
  • In the end, a confirmation mail will be received at the traveler’s end , having the updated information of booking with Lufthansa Airlines.

If you wish to know anything further in regards to the Lufthansa change flight policy, Lufthansa flight change fee structure, etc., then you must give a call on the Lufthansa flight change phone number and leave the rest on Lufthansa officials. You will be provided with each and every required information within a couple of minutes and also any of your query will be resolved in a professional manner. The number can be dialed 24*7 around the clock without any worry, the Lufthansa officials are always at your service.